Rotary Club Jomtien-Pattaya brings love and care to underprivileged children

Baan Jing Jai, for those who have not visited it yet, is a home for disadvantaged children, that means children who have no homes to go to, or that they are abused at home or at danger of serious abuse. Or it may be that their natural parents just don’t care about them and for a total lack of care they are in danger. Children, if we want them to thrive, grow up into responsible and educated members of our society, need love and food and shelter, along with the best education that can be afforded.

Of course, as you may imagine, it is very difficult to provide a good home for the 90 children that they have, without considerable support from our society. Fortunately there are heroes among the people that form our society and they gather, sometimes individually, and sometimes in groups and associations, to provide that assistance, in the form of cash money, which is the best way, and in gifts of food and clothing, providing a good water supply, building a roof, or just going there to be with them, show them that we love them. Every little bit helps.

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