Your Help

Volunteer Work

Your personal help can be in many areas of volunteer work.

  • Be helping with the old folks, home, the handicap centers, with the young people at risk
  • Have contact with other people who are interested in social welfare

There are many more ways to help

  • Help with the webpage, new ideas, taking photos and making articles
  • Independent projects you could have to contact with that City administration, when we have press releases, and planning that project with traffic, parking and cleanups. You will be if you’d like to meet the city administration
  • Create new rotary projects with your own ideas and using the unique rotary contacts
  • Just do active community work at the front
  • Get the extraordinarily good feeling of being needed todo positive work for individuals under society

You are an individual that like to sponsor our concrete activities we have mini projects starting with very small amounts and going to specific purposes. If you are working in that company or organization than that is a different kind of sponsorship. It is different task time therefore, we referred to special webpages.

  • Donation to support for children’s school uniform, see you separate story
  • Donations to support children’s scholarships plan for secondary school, but also for individual sponsorships for university in cooperation with the orphanages.
  • Sponsor a child incorporation with the orphanages.
  • Sponsor a Rotary event where the event is fixed and the amount is limited and fixed. This helps us being able to do an event, and also get the result from that event better to that targeted purpose, see more on special page

It’s a Rotary club. We have connections at many levels in the administration and we have one newspaper Pattaya made as our partner, so there are many ways we can promote our partners to the media and make everybody aware that our partners are socially supporting the community on many levels.

  • Through our activities and website, we will have exposure on the event, but also exposure through the newspapers, and our YouTube videos. See the special pages where we look for partnerships with companies and organizations