Pattaya child-abuse shelter seeks funding for school uniforms

A young girl is fitted for new school uniforms now that they can attend classes again. The uniforms are bought with funds donated by individuals and charity organization.

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center raised funds for student uniforms and opened donations of new and used student outfits for the 50 children under its care.

Director Palisorn Noja said June 8 the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) is facing new expenses after the Education Ministry allowed school campuses to reopen. Therefore children who had been attending class online now need new uniforms to go back to school, as the ones used one and two years ago are worn out.

Each uniform set costs about 500 baht, with each student needing at least three, as well as scout uniforms, which are even more expensive.

Noja said, “The number of benefactors has declined during the coronavirus pandemic and we are struggling to look after our children. We are now asking people to contribute either cash or used uniforms in good condition. Or people can donate new clothes.

Khru Ja as he is loving called; spoke about the child abuse center saying, “Our center provides a safe environment, opportunities to attend school and assistance from counsellors and social workers. Charity organizations provide ongoing scholarships for children taking refuge at the center.

Palisorn Noja Director of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) said that the children have to attend classes and they need new uniforms to go back to school, as the ones used one and two years ago are worn out.

“Besides that, the ATCC program has been fundamental in the tracking and arrest of dozens of child traffickers and paedophiles.”

Khru Ja said that most people charged in Thailand with child sexual abuse are foreign sex tourists who use agents active in human trafficking. Many appear outwardly to have good jobs and are wealthy, which helps to conceal their paedophilia.

He said many of the young victims are orphans or products of broken homes or were sold into the trade by poor families.

The center’s minimum costs to look after the children and the home are 180,000 baht per month. Anyone wishing to donate can call 038-114-157.