Donation to Kate’s Social Project

Allison Lutton, of “Pattaya International Ladies Club” (PILC) was instrumental in helping us to help Kate’s Project. Nothing was too much trouble for Allison. She arranged the donation of Mosquito Nets and Blankets, also organized the work done on Mr. Ta Auan’s home and finally located the two little boys living at ATTC. Allison also produced the reports and the photos.

Mosquito Nets and Blankets

During the cold spell in Pattaya last January, many children and families were suffering from the cold.

 Kate’s Project then approached our club, again through the auspices of Allison Lutton. Building materials were purchased and a new pathway was constructed in double quick time. The house was also made water tight before the rainy season starts. You’ll be pleased to know that Mr Ta Auan can now been seen in his wheelchair in the surrounding area of his home. It has made such a difference to his life and also that of his family. 
The after photographs of Mr Ta Auan’s family home.

Education for two boys for one year.
The two little boys that I would like to recommend that Rotary sponsor are called:

  1. Keartisak  Tummuangdon  ( Peter)  age  13  year old.
    Both his parents have passed away. His older sister was looking after him until the police found him on the streets of Pattaya. He now lives in the Anti Human Trafficking & Child Abuse Centre (ATTC) in Nongprue.  and is being well looked after.
  2. Pongpat  Phasuk ( Aim)  age 5  years old. Both his parents have passed away. Aim was being looked after by his  elderly Grandparents but they are not in the best of health and cannot  look themselves. Aim also lives in the  ATTC center. 

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